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You thought taking them from Hell was the hard part. You were sorely mistaken. Welcome to The Second Circle: A HellTaker fan game.

Date the delightful demons (and angel) from the indie game HellTaker in this charming fan game and tribute to the original work. We here at Team 133 are super excited to bring this demo back out to the public after an extra month in development hell. (obvious pun is obvious) We are excited to share this new demo and all of it's new features with you, including:

- A new art style based on the spirit of the original game

- Brand new sprites for the entire cast.

- Seven breathtaking CGs to unlock.

- Ten dates with devilish demons, (and a curious angel)

We here at Team 133 are extremely grateful for the support we have received on this game so far. If you wish to follow our progress on the game and get updated when we make progress on the demo. You can join our SubReddit and Discord Server with the links provided:



And...if you want to be super awesome and support us financially, you can do so here on Itch with a donation at the downloads page, or by donating to us directly via our PayPal link, which can be found here:


Thank you all for your continued support and we hope you enjoy your time in The Second Circle.


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If it were translated into Spanish, many more people would buy it! I'm sure


Can't wait to see the full game 

Loved the demo just wondering When will the full game be released?

We're not exactly sure on an exact date, but most likely in the later half of the year.

hello Team 133,

I have an question: Does the game run on an 32 bits gpu because i dont have an 64 bits gpu because i have some personal problems and i really want to play this game.Thanks!

P.S. Nice game,I love the drawing on it and the design of the game.

A lot of effort and hours of work.Good job =)

Sadly, the game does not run on a 32-bit platform anymore. That feature was removed from the engine we used to make the game in early 2018.


ok, thank you.


I've been having problems launching the game, when I launch it the icon shows up and I hear the music but that's it no menu nothing, I played it before and it worked just fine and I tried reinstalling it but it still didn't work, any ideas?

If it worked for you before, but now it doesn't... Did you... move the file location since the last time you opened it?


nope left it as was


If the demo sucked me into the story like this imagine the full game, can't wait. :)


Hmm i'm thinking how to unlock that last CG for the gallery... maybe have to do it in a different order...


Not exactly. There's one character still waiting for you to find her.

Will there be any Linux support?


Potentially. I'd have to test out a few things with the newest build, but it's a definite maybe.

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Great! I currently try to run it on Ubuntu 20.04 with Wine, but it would definitely be a blast to have full-on support. Keep up the good work, we believe in you.

Edit: worked just fine with Wine64.

Edit 2: completed the demo and am really looking towards new developments!

there will be a version for android?

No. We most likely will not make an android version due to the ooriginal creator's wishes.

is this the finished game?


No. This is a demo.


sick i look forward to a full release!!


se hará una traducción al español o ya hay una existente?


sadly i need a zip xd

would be dope if it was on steam or something


What engine is the game running on? I am asking because I want to add a Polish language version. Or where are the dialogues?

Game is running in the TyranoBuilder game engine.


i cant download it help

everytime that i try to,it only downloads 12% and then it says download prohibited

anyone knows how to fix it?


The same happened to me, and i just downloaded it again 7 times or so until it worked. I did it in front of my wifi though, i think it helped


guys did you not read the developmet log "To Any of You That Need Help Installing the Game on Macs" and "To Any of You That Need Help Installing the Game on Windows"




God, this game is amazing, it's like the helltaker 2 I've always wanted. Thank you VERY much for creating such a great game, and congratulations, i can't wait for the full version.

PS: I don't have money right now but hopefully i'll get some soon to support your work (The CGs are excelent btw).


Love the spritework and CGs I've seen from this game, is there any chance you'll be releasing a sprite pack? Even if it cost a few dollars I'd be really interested in getting a copy. 

- Sincerely,

 a fan

We're definitely considering it. Once all the sprites are drawn and we get closer to a final game, we'll see.


Whenever I would load up the game it would constantly crash. I also tried on my 2nd pc but it would still crash. Even tho I could not get the game to work, IF you are looking through the comments to see if the game is good, from what I have seen and heard the game is amazing. much love to the creator/creators (Also keep up the good work) If I ever get the game to work i will make another post. 

- sincerely

  random dude on the internet


I loved the first game and had many of my friends play it, we all enjoyed it and I will 100% recommend this game to them. The conversations were fluid and felt real, the artwork was excellent and beautiful. I can't wait for the full version of this fan game because it's honestly beautiful.

I see this game flourishing and becoming a great one, hope the Łukasz Piskorz, AKA vanripper, notices this game and supports it, unlike a certain company that rhymes with Nintendo. Much love and great work Team 133.

PS: My top girls are: 1) Judgment 2) Lucyfer 3) Cerberus 4) Beelzebub 5) Justice


Will this game have NSFW scenes in later dates, or just SFW wholesome stuff


There will be some NSFW content in the final game, but not the demos. You can also toggle the NSFW on or off if you so desire.


Have you guys also figured out a price range, if there is one at all? Plus, is this staying on itch or will it go to Steam at some point?

The final game will be free since the original was free as well. The game will most likely stay on Itch since VanRipper has publicly stated that he wants fangames to avoid big platforms like Steam.


I just finished the demo, and I've got to say that I love it so far. I like that the game expands on the character's personalities in a way that feels accurate. I can't wait to see what this game will look like in the future.


I don't know if anyone else has this, but the game doesn't save my progress. Every time I close the game, all the saves I had all disappear when I open it up again (I do always extract with WinRAR and open the game that way).

If you extract the game to a separate folder, the game should keep your saves just fine, no extra extracting required. Just make sure that all of the files are in that extracted folder and you should be good.


Thank you so much!

Are you guys thinking to launch this game to Android plataform too?

Not at the moment, unfortunately.

You don't have the necessary autorizations to open the application

You have to take the file out of the ZIP folder and then launch it


help I'm running on win 8 64 bit and it won't open

Did you extract the folder from the zip?

It was never a zip for me just a file

That's interesting. It should be a zip file after downloading.

Weird do you have any idea why

I do not unfortunately. Do the downloads show up for you as zip files?


On mac it say need admin provilege, but even if i have them i can t open it

Did you extract the zip?



Having problems downloading the Mac version any tips on how to make it work?

You extracted the ZIP and it still gave you that error?



Love it! I would totally love for the full version to have a toggle for a simple font for the settings menus though 


why did u make this bro helltaker is number 1 bro no chap


it doesn't work on windows for me                                                        it say this application can not be execute on your pc              


Hmmm. I've never seen it not launch before. Could you provide some details on your computer

what kind of detail?

i'm on windows 10 if thats what your asking

If my rough French translation is correct, The error just says the app cannot run and to contact the software author? Right?

(1 edit)

yes thats whats its saying

What am i supposed to do?


The Game Is Awesome. i loved it. Good Job and Continue


Are there plans for an android release?

Not at the moment, no.


Game was really neat, i loved it. can't wait to see what else is added :D


A really good demo! Cant wait to see what else is in store!


hi. unfortunately, the game isn't working on my end (Windows 10). whenever i run the exe, i hear the music and the game does open up, but i can't switch to it in the taskbar. it just won't go into fullscreen or give me any sort of viewable window


same problem here


got it today and I thoroughly enjoyed it especially the date with Modeus, my favorite girl, and I think the game has a lot of potential and I can't wait for more content updates.


the style of how the game is made, it reminds me Doki Doki Literature Club so much!

This looks really nice! Is there any chance of an .apk or native Linux build in the works, for those of us that dont have windows or mac?


 I enjoyed this demo, i'm looking forward to see more of this game in the future!


Excellent game I just love it. 

Good luck for the future

(1 edit) (+1)

Please please pleaseeeee made a 32bit version pleaseeee

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