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You thought taking them from Hell was the hard part. You were sorely mistaken. Welcome to The Second Circle: A HellTaker fan game.

Date the delightful demons (and angel) from the indie game HellTaker in this charming fan game and tribute to the original work. We here at Team 133 are super excited to bring this demo back out to the public after an extra month in development hell. (obvious pun is obvious) We are excited to share this new demo and all of it's new features with you, including:

- A new art style based on the spirit of the original game

- Brand new sprites for the entire cast.

- Thirty breathtaking CGs to unlock.

- Thirty dates with devilish demons, (and a curious angel)

We here at Team 133 are extremely grateful for the support we have received on this game so far. If you wish to follow our progress on the game and get updated when we make progress on the demo. You can join our SubReddit and Discord Server with the links provided:



And...if you want to be super awesome and support us financially, you can do so here on Itch with a donation at the downloads page, or by donating to us directly via our PayPal link, which can be found here:


Thank you all for your continued support and we hope you enjoy your time in The Second Circle.



-GUI overhaul. 

-Dialogue choices will now become illuminated when you hover over them with your mouse.

-Altered the menu buttons at the bottom of the textbox to be more clear as to their purposes.  

-Fixed some grammatical and spite related issues.

-Added various new backgrounds to new and previous dates.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(125 total ratings)
AuthorTeam 133
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
Tags2D, Comedy, Fangame, Feel Good, helltaker, Narrative, relationship, Slice Of Life, Story Rich, TyranoBuilder
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksDiscord, Twitter, Reddit, Support


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Holy shit, i just finished it to the part its done, but damn i am so amazed by it. It truly is a glories piece of art, there are so many things i want to say but i am gramatikly handycapped. Its so well made and i am so eager to see how this will continue. Its amazing, keep up the good work and thank the lord or deamons that i found this its truelly a blessing. 


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I just decided to pick this up on a whim after hearing about it on the Helltaker subreddit for a while now and I regret not downloading it sooner. Didn't think it was possible for me to love these characters more than I already did, and the new additions to the cast fit so well. I was so sad when I got to the end and saw the credits cause I got so invested into everything. Really hope to see more soon! Fully gonna support this

Amazing game. Captivating story, well-written, only discontentment is with the gym part with Justice. Other than that one thing, I have spent the past 3 days with this being the highlight of each. 10/10, can't wait for the next story updates.

Hello, I wanted to ask whether the game will be released on android yes or no!

I would greatly appreciate a translation into Spanish

my pc says it is not safe to open the game

It is normal?


Its A-Okay to play. My pc say that too the first time, but just try to run it and its all good to go


Hehehe, dog.

unironically, this was quite the fun experience,i specially enjoyed the pandemonica and cerberus stories. i dont think i can say anything that other reviews haven't said already, its well written, the cgs are good. and i really enjoyed the new characters. conclusion: game good, also doge

Hi, just wanted to know if this is made in Ren'py


It is not. It is made with TyranoBuilder.

thank you

This was an amazing experience, I enjoyed every moment of it. Bonding with all of the girls, learning more about them felt so great. And I loved the additions to the story with the four lords. This was just such a great experience, and I never even considered the possibility that it was only a demo, it was amazing. And the ending (the ending that there is now, anyways) had me in tears, it was so well written. I loved it, I loved every second of this experience, and thank you for bringing this to us all

can we get this on android?

is it possible to get the source code of SC?

according to him, it needs to be thrown onto the engine, he says that this is the only way he knows

my friend wants to translate the game into Russian

(if there were mistakes, I'm sorry, Google translator is not the best)

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Thoroughly enjoying the story so far. If it isn't too big an ask, as I know you're all busy, will future releases for Windows all be baked into one .exe file each? I'd like to replace some of the music with my own on my own time.

Great Game excited to see where is goes

good game but am I dating the girls or giving therapy to them?

Kinda of both it seems like, except Justice of course

Excuse me friend and it will be that you can get it to the Spanish language

Translations will begin to be considered once we have finalized all of the dates.

What game engine do you use on this game? because for some reason I can't run Ren'Py engine so that'll be a real shame if I downloaded the game but can't even play this amazing game.

its tyranobuilder

Nice, its not Ren'Py so I should be able to play it... at least I hope so

Will this game be ported to android?

It's a possibility for the future, but right now, no. 

Hello, do i need any extra libraries to execute this in mint?, i got the linux version and set the file to be able to execute, but nothing is happening.

Unfortunately, I can be of very little assistance when it comes to issues with the Linux version. It was tested and proven to work on Ubuntu, and that's all I can really say. 

I see, can somebody else help with this matter then?, mint cinnamon is similar to ubuntu in many ways, the problem i am having is that i have nothing that can understand how to run the main file here, there is no extension or association to begin with, it is just a file named 篓The Second Circle- A HellTaker Fangame篓

I loved this game, the story, the dialogue, the story. All of it was so well made and thought out. I would love to see the full release of this game and can't wait to see what comes next.

Hello, may I ask for some assistance for this it is the Linux download and I cannot find a way to boot up the game

Can any of the developers help me with this please? The Linux download file does not have an Application File that would start the game for me

Assuming you have booted the game on linux. You have to go to the properties of the second circle file that is 145k kilobytes and allow it to be excecated as a program. Then it can be run.

Okay so, I've opened the 145K file's properties, do I need to look into 'Security' to give access to it?

The screenshot you provided seems to show that you are running the game on a Windows Machine. If that's the case, you should get the windows version. If you are running it on a Linux machine, then yes, you open the file properties and tick the checkbox labeled "allow executing of file as program." 

Just to inform you so it may help, my laptop's brand is LENOVO and it wasn't able to run the Windows version also I cant find the checkbox in the properties of the Linux file, should I send a screen shot of the properties of it? (also I am so sorry for troubling you with this)

This game is MF amazing, its rly well made and i hope the creator keeps working on it because so far its my favourite game lmao. dont stop team 133 u doing great lol

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Played through this for the first time this week just finished the third round of dates. I must say I am very happy and impressed with how the characters are being fleshed out and given more character and are each so interesting in their own ways, I loved every minute of it.

The stories seem well written and there has definitely been some thought put into them but I do have some critiques which I am certain will be addressed as the game progresses; beginning with the order, the later rounds indicate a crossing between the other routes even when a mentioned route may not have been experienced yet, this mainly concerns the routes of Zdrada, Cerberus, and of course Lucy, and to a lesser degree Malina and Justice, due to the nature of the game allowing you to any demon in any order the implied order when doing some routes can be confusing, I'm sure this will be cleaned up in later version but the end screen after completing the demo mentioned to comment here and wanted to write my thoughts.

Aside from a few spelling mistakes the implied order to the story is my only and main concern. Keep up the good work and I think any fan of helltaker should give this game a shot, it's wonderful :D

Edit: I noticed that there is a listing for CG's related to Beelzebub in the CG menu but never figured out how to interact with her, is she a secret route or unimplemented? 

To get beelzebubs dates you need to click the fridge when first opening the game to clean in when Lucy tells you too it will give you the option to clean it say yes and it will trigger her first date - Her second date is triggered after Lucy's first date where you wake up and pandemonica and Cerberus are at your door instead of answering your door click on your closet Walter will greet you and bring you into the second date - the third date is trigged with the requirement of having the second date finished in a play through on Lucy's third date she will give the player an option to ask her a question about 1 Cerberus 2 if date has been finished Beelzebub and I won't spoil any more.

Cheers bud!

i gotch you


I've been playing this game ever since the first date and I have to say, I LOVE the progression. The dates, while not only longer, are managing to make me personally invested in these arcs and the new characters thrown in. Sometimes the best stories are ones that make you delve into someone's deepest emotions. My friend and I have the same opinion that it is a travesty that this isn't canon, because it's simply amazing. If you're having any doubts, let me give you some advice. 
If you're interested in Helltaker in ANY WAY, play this game. Sure, it's reading heavy, but it's what you expect from a visual novel, right? Absolutely worth it. Making this free is an insanely awesome thing, seeing as they could easily charge a solid 15$ per copy. 

Awesome game and fully worth it if you like Helltaker.


Hello, I was wondering if the choices will change the story, like will their be multiple endings or something like that.


This is a really awesome fan-game of Hell Taker. I really like how you moved every character farther than "look at that hot girl". Every single one has a great arc so far, even if the game is still a demo. I love the interactions all feel so nice. I don't know why Taker wanted a harem, everyone just seems to be friends. You definitely untilize him very well. The only demon who has their stuff worked out (mostly), is Justice, so it makes sense that we get the most Taker lore from here. I'm defenitly excited for the next update. All the extra lore you add makes me sad that this isn't officially canon, because it's all so well thought out.


So, I'm already a decent way through this game and have been having a wonderful time. Ever since I finished the game (still need to catch up on the DLC) I've felt that the core cast had a lot of potential for storytelling and unique interactions. I feel like this game delivers on that idea, and adds to it by creating an expanded story with new characters that I so far have had a lot of fun with.

My one problem is some confusion I'm having with navigating the story. Initially I thought it would be as simple as either choosing which character to interact  with at random or listed from start to finish (left-to-righ). But as the story has progressed I find there are points where I wonder if I needed to see them in a distinct order to make the most sense. Was this game written with an intended order to who you interacted with each time, or is that somewhat up in the air? I greatly enjoy this game regardless, but would like some clarification on this part.

You can experience the dates in any order, although this is something we have been considering altering.


It's not exactly even that. After the segment changes between the second and third set of dates and the major conflict drivers of the game are introduced, Helltaker is suddenly aware of what is going on (and who to watch out for) with little explanation of when or where this was explained to him. I understand that characters like Lucifer are more aware, but I feel like another scene or even a brief interaction would explain what has set this up.

Ok, that aside, once more, this is a legitimately fun game and I adore what is being done here. I wouldn't be surprised if my little gripe is unfounded and I've skimmed over something.

Yes, I noticed that as well, there it is not very well explained when Taker was made aware of the four demon lords going from the second round of dates to the third, aside from that and the order this game is really great

Hello, will there be an android version for this. I really got to play this game, looks great

An android version, may happen, but not for a while.


Hello, I would like to say that I really liked this game, it is beautiful, the story is very interesting, the graphics and the animation are also wonderful, and I appreciate this beautiful work, thank you very much, and I am eagerly waiting for the next updates.<3


Hello I was wondering if you are going to make a version for android if not that's fine

An android version, may happen, but not for a while.

How do I get the game to open? when I download the file for windows I just get an .exe file, it would really help me a lot if I could get an answer.

I am writing this from a translator so sorry if the text is not very coherent

You place the EXE wherever you like and double click on it to open it.

Does this mod support WIndows 11?

Because for some reason it won't let me play.

(1 edit)

The game has not been tested on Windows 11. This is something we plan to do in the future.

Sweet! Can't wait.

I have an issue with the save files. All these files keep poping up in my desktop. Please. help.  I love this game, but none of my saves work... I just like 3 hours of play.


And the auto button isn't working.


those files need to remain where they are placed for your saves to work. If you move them, you will lose the data.

is there a spanish version?


First of all, I love this game! The feels hit just right and the lore keeps keeps me invested and check whenever there's new content!

Inspired me that friendship and romance is worth it after some unfortunate circumstances, I'll definitely try and provide it to everyone I find welcome.

I do have one question though. Is there a way to get the sprites for the characters or is it not allowed?

I would like to use it as stickers since the team's artwork looks so cute!

will the game be ported to android in the future?

Truly a phenomenal project! I can't praise the writing and art enough, thank you for creating this. I can't wait to see the next update.

This is a fangame, which mean you can do whatever you want with it right?

We do have to follow some rules the original creator of HellTaker set out. But in regards to the story, it is fairly our own vision.

(1 edit) (+1)

what rules? Does that include NSFW content?

Team 133 confirmed in a previous comment several months ago that NSFW content is indeed planned :)

but when?

Ahh, now that..I am also wondering!

I am so sad I can't play this, if you have the time can you pleases make a Linux build of this? if not that is fine.


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