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You thought taking them from Hell was the hard part. You were sorely mistaken. Welcome to The Second Circle: A HellTaker fan game.

Date the delightful demons (and angel) from the indie game HellTaker in this charming fan game and tribute to the original work. We here at Team 133 are super excited to bring this demo back out to the public after an extra month in development hell. (obvious pun is obvious) We are excited to share this new demo and all of it's new features with you, including:

- A new art style based on the spirit of the original game

- Brand new sprites for the entire cast.

- Thirty breathtaking CGs to unlock.

- Thirty dates with devilish demons, (and a curious angel)

We here at Team 133 are extremely grateful for the support we have received on this game so far. If you wish to follow our progress on the game and get updated when we make progress on the demo. You can join our SubReddit and Discord Server with the links provided:



And...if you want to be super awesome and support us financially, you can do so here on Itch with a donation at the downloads page, or by donating to us directly via our PayPal link, which can be found here:


Thank you all for your continued support and we hope you enjoy your time in The Second Circle.



-Added the Third Set of Dates.

-Converted the Windows release to a single EXE.

-Added a few new pieces of music to the third dates.

-Fixed some grammatical and spite related issues.

-"Upgraded" to TyranoScript v5.

-Added various new backgrounds to new and previous dates.


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The Second Circle v0.4.exe 597 MB
The Second Circle v0.4 (Mac).zip 500 MB

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Good afternoon, I want to ask a question.When I open the file, it says "A 64-bit system is needed".Can your development team make a 32-bit version?

Hello, dear developers. I have a question this game has the Russian language?. More specifically, the Russifier if yes please help me find it, if not, when will be added approximately. This is all thanks for the wonderful game)

This game does not have the Russian Language at the moment. It may be added in the future.

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Hey guys, I just installed version "0.4" of "Second Circle"

So I want to know...

¡¿ Why does it appear to me that I installed "Left 4 Dead 2" ?!

I didn't download it wrong, how do I know?

Because the "EXE" has the icon (image) of Zdrada.

But when I started playing, the game created two additional "SAV" formats for me.

And they both have an icon of the cover of "Left 4 Dead 2" and when I click "enter" it sends me to "Left 4 Dead 2" 

¿Why? ¿?

That certainly is odd. The SAV files are purely there to save your game data. You do not need to open them.

A small tid-bit for you unless you already figured it out from all reports you got.
The engine you use saves everything in .sav files and happy coinsedence that this is the same formatting which is used in Titanfall 2 and L4D-s. I am not sure if tyrano allows to change that at all but I guess you can just create a folder named save data and drop stuff in it near the game.exe to avoid confusion.

(I'm using "Google Translate", so what I'm saying may not be understood. Sorry about that.)

First. Thank you very much for the game, it is amazing.

Second. Apparently, there is already a version in Spanish, but...

¿Were you the ones who translated it into Spanish?

We did not translate the game into Spanish officially.

Oh! I get it. thanks guys for answering. 🤗

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First off, thanks for the game! I enjoyed it immensely. You did an excellent job fleshing out Vanripper's characters, to the point that I'd say this visual novel is more interesting than the game it's based on.

Secondly, I hope it is okay to ask this question here. No problems if you can't respond, but just to make sure I won't catch anyone by surprise, I'm going to put a spoiler warning here:


So, if you get the first two Beelzebub dates before Lucifer's final date, you get a choice of whether you want to ask about the Abyss or about Cerberus's history. Regardless of your choice, the Taker then thinks he has to talk with a certain girl, now that he has some important info. If you don't ask about the Abyss, that girl is, presumably, Cerberus.

Does that mean that, if I choose to ask about the Abyss and get Beel's third date, Cerberus's future dates will somehow be impacted? Will this be a case of us having to choose between helping Cerberus or Beel? Or do you guys intend to give the Taker another way of helping Cerberus in the final game?

Is all the version 0.20, 0.21, 0.30, 0.31, and 0.40 are they all just sequals from each other.  First one being 0.20 and last  being one 0.40. Or is the 0.40 version the last version with everything combined. Because I'm trying to download 0.20- 0.31 through downloads but it only shows 0.40, and the zip for the 0.20 - 0.31 doesn't a link for it to be download just a The Second Circle v0.2.exe with no link. This is my first time even using this type of application so I maybe overthinking this.

version 0.4 is the most recent version. it has all of the content from version 0.2 to 0.31 as well

Will this game have a translation into Brazilian Portuguese or an English dubbing?

Are you going to add Baphomet in the game ?

No. Baphomet will not appear in the game.

The game will be on the Russian 

Maybe in the future.


Will there be a Android ver. In the the future?



how long will the games route be?

will we see them mary and have kids and how they raise them ?

or is it more short term ?

Okay, the update came out, I'm going to drink like I said

One question, the game is in Spanish/una pregunta el juego esta en español

The game is only in English at the moment

Hello I have a question for a music/ theme in a certain part of a date. In the second date of Malina we go to karaoke place and when Justice and Zdrada there's a music and I want to find the name of it or the creator of the music. Thanks for reading and I hope someone can help me with that. ^v^ 

is there any chance of a female player being added? by the way, I love this mod :D

There will not be a female protagonist in the game.


When the update comes out, I'll get drunk with joy

Wow, the writing is great. It's cool to finally see the characters move and fleshed out; props to Void and Dana for the amazing art and CGs. Looking forward to more!

Espero con ansias el juego completo :)  

Can you make older and zip versions available for Windows?


please keep updating this

That is the plan :)

Help me I am obsessed, I cannot for the life of me find that last CG, I have been scouring this game for 17 hours straight ahhhhhhhhhhhh.


we need a new update, i cant live without dates whith demon girls


I agree on that with you

Just wanted to say this game is absolutely incredible so far and I cannot wait for the next update. Fingers crossed it comes soon! Keep up the great work guys!


Just wanted to say I loved the demo thanks for the amazing and quite well thought out content <3

Thank you for the kind words. :)


hello, can I add Russian to the game?
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It would be cool. 

We will start translating the game once it is fully complete and the scripts are finalized.

It the game still in development? becouse i got only 2 dates with each demon and the story looks super cool and left the story so open, will it be extended ?

Yes. We are still actively working on the game and the story is far from over. :) 5 dates with each of the girls are planned.

El juego esta solamente para 64 bits?


piensan en un futuro ponerlo para 32 bits?

Glad I found this hidden Gem, now I'm thinking about supporting this project financially, even a small amount would surely help, keep it up!

Thank you so much :) Even if you choose not to donate, you kind words are appreciated. :)

is the game finished?

man.I really want a new update but i realized this was updated 10 days ago lmao

i downloaded the game in windows,i unzip the file and when i press the game and nothing happene


You need to have the exe and all the files in one folder. If that does not work, try administrator mode 

i tried the administrator mode and it worked!thx


Nice project! Definitely giving you a follow! I hope it comes to full completion!


Are you interested in free translation to German? Love Helltaker and since I need to gain experience, I would love to translate it for free!


We will definitely look into translating the game once the script is finalized.


Sure. A team as professional as yours is probably not contacting a unknown translator but if interest is there, you can reach me under mrdebuged.official@gmail.com


Could it be a phone version?

An iPhone port is not possible due to the original creator's stance on distribution, but an Android port may be possible.


Hello, one question, when are you going to do a translation into Spanish?

We will definitely look into translating the game once the script is finalized.


ok so like, i loved that a lot! every interaction was really good! Lol, i came mainly for stuff of my fav Modeus but ended up loving all the dates really! cant wait for more honestly!

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can you make a video on how to download from linux


Hey, just finished your game and it`s sooo good! Really liked it and looking forward to more! But that makes me wonder do you have any date for the next update?


Hey how do i save. For whenever i save and exit the game when i open it up again i cannot load that save anymore.

Did you extract the game out of the zip. If you do that, then you should be able to save and load normally.

¿Todavía están trabajando en la traducción a español?

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